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A Convenient, Digital Experience for You and Your Clients

Coverpath is MassMutual’s online life insurance platform that provides you and your clients with an end-to-end digital experience.

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    What’s Ahead

    Get a sneak peek of what the Coverpath team is planning to build in the future and provide feedback on features that are in development

    • Research

      Ideas we’re actively exploring

      • New Enhancement
        Email Configurability

        We are working on adding the ability for advisors to select which Coverpath emails they want to receive.

      • New Enhancement
        Messaging Hub

        Give the underwriting and customer care team visibility into all case followers, so that one-off communications go to everyone, instead of just the advisor

    • Design

      Ideas that made it to the design phase

      • Enhancement
        Insured Enter Own Medical Information

        Our design team is working on an new experience to allow the insured to answer questions without relying on the owner or financial professionals to enter information. This will particularly help for business case.

    • Development

      Products and features we’re actively developing, they’ll be live soon!

      • New Area Focus
        Post Issue Migration

        With policies beginning to migrate to the Coverpath platform and the growing number of native Coverpath policies, there is increased focus on making improvements to the post issue process. Provide your feedback to help further enhance the post issue experience.

      • New Product

        Coverpath will soon have its first annuities product available on the platform. The team has started the work to implement RetireEase Choice on the platform, and aim to make it available to financial professionals by the end of the year. Currently in development is the ability to use funds transferred from a 1035 exchange to pay premiums.

      • New Enhancement
        Tele Interview

        Coverpath will soon incorporate telephone interviews to allow the insured to answer personal history and medical questions over a recorded line. This functionality will allow Coverpath to increase max face amounts to $5M and max age amounts to 70, while also making the application more accessible to users who might have limitations such as non-English speaking.

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    Financial professionals like you are using Coverpath to create leverage in their practices, reduce friction in the sales process, and delight their clients. Here’s what they’re saying:

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