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Product Experience

Help Your Clients Navigate their Coverpath Application with Expanded “Take me to my Error” Feature

Gabe Diaz

Product Owner: Customer Acquisition

The Problem

Your client wants to submit their application, but it’s showing 98% complete and they can’t tell what they haven’t completed.  This can be frustrating for advisors because it’s not easy for advisors to provide assistance without having a client view.

What we Did About it

To help clients find blank questions we’ve recently expanded our “take me to my error” feature. It can now take the client right to the unanswered question with the click of a button. We’ve also made directing them to the right section of the application smoother and more intuitive. The result is your clients will be able to better self-serve and need less of your assistance in completing the application.

What’s Coming Next?

More tools for advisors: We want to provide advisors with similar capabilities to complete the application fully when using the advisor-assisted application. We’re excited to deliver more functionality to advisors so they can offer clients a completed application.

Gabe Diaz

Product Owner: Customer Acquisition

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