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In-App Exam Scheduling Now on Coverpath

In-app exam scheduling enables advisors and proxies to make appointments on behalf of clients directly in the application instead of relying on third-party vendors. Scheduling the exam within Coverpath, rather than manually ordering one outside the platform, ensures a smooth underwriting process for your client. Here are some benefits of scheduling your client’s exam through Coverpath:

  • Automatic ingestion of labs to assigned underwriter as soon as available (no need for human intervention or to upload lab slips)
  • Statuses on the exam appointment will be viewable in your Case Center on Coverpath 

When an exam is ready to be scheduled, the advisor and case followers will receive an email with a link to schedule the exam in Coverpath. Clients will receive an email once the exam is scheduled to confirm the appointment date, time, and location. Below are six tips for using the exam scheduling tool. For a visual step-by-step guide to exam scheduling on Coverpath, click here. We also have a Tips Under 10 video that walks through the exam scheduling process.

  • If you do not take any action to schedule your client’s exam, the vendor can start reaching out to the client directly.
      • Exam One may begin calling your client at any time. Timelines may vary depending on which local office is handling your client’s exam.
      • APPS will begin reaching out to your client if an exam has not been scheduled through Coverpath within 48 hours. If you would like APPS to schedule the exam before 48 hours, please click “Have APPS Call Client” within your Client Case Center.
  • If Coverpath does not display an appointment time that works for you and your client in the next two weeks, click the “Schedule by Phone” button and then reach out to the vendor directly.
  • Once a client submits their application, you will need to contact Customer Care if you want to change the exam vendor.
  • Neither vendor supports rescheduling or canceling a scheduled appointment via the Coverpath Case Center. To change or reschedule an appointment, the advisor/proxy will need to contact the vendor directly.
  • Exam appointment times are listed in the client’s local time zone.
  • If your client needs special accommodations from the vendor (i.e. an examiner that speaks a specific language) please use the “Schedule by Phone” process.

“Having the ability to schedule exams within Coverpath, rather than going to another vendor website gives advisors and proxies control of the client experience and epitomizes the end-to-end digital value of Coverpath.” -Daniel Kahan Product Owner, Case Management team

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Insurance products on the Coverpath platform are issued by Massachusetts Mutual life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111-0001.  Not all products are available in all states.  State variations may apply. 


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