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The Dog Days of Summer

Welcome to the Dogs Days of Summer! Beginning July 19, all your Coverpath apps help you earn Coverpath swag. Depending on how many apps you submit from July 19 to September 5, you will receive one of these prize packages.

Updated 9/5/2021

Dog on boat
Advisor NameAgency NameCoverpath Applications
Kevin CarriereBarnum Financial Group74
Logan GreeneBarnum Financial Group64
Anthony MaiuoloBarnum Financial Group64
Ryan HowardBarnum Financial Group57
Ryan MillerWestpoint Financial Group44
Tyler RobertsSynergy Wealth Solutions42
Martin FerraroBarnum Financial Group38
Andrew StarfieldGreater Philadelphia37
Chris KampitsisBarnum Financial Group35
Joshua HowarthBarnum Financial Group33
Nicholas DobieBarnum Financial Group32
Christopher KusickBarnum Financial Group29
Adam WayColorado29
Kristofer CopelandBarnum Financial Group28
Matthew PaulsenBarnum Financial Group28
Jared LevyBarnum Financial Group28
Brendan McdonaldBarnum Financial Group27
Paul FosterSouth Carolina26
Nicholas DilelloBarnum Financial Group25
Gary NestaBarnum Financial Group24
Lindsay SmithAtlanta-Alabama-McQuaid24
Timothy PriceGreater Philadelphia23
Jennee BlancoBarnum Financial Group22
Brian CarpenterSpectrum Financial Group22
James MaynardBarnum Financial Group22
Donny EkBarnum Financial Group21
Clarissa WilliamsTN-Sinks-Corless20
Richard BauerBarnum Financial Group20
John CarriggCommonwealth Financial Group20
Ryan TaylorBarnum Financial Group19
Garrett HurleyBarnum Financial Group19
David WalkerNorthern California18
Benjamin HowarthBarnum Financial Group18
Jessie AguilarLos Angeles-Fraser18
Matthew GoldbergCoastal Wealth17
Kevin PowerBarnum Financial Group17
Robert BritoBarnum Financial Group17
Andrew PelletierBarnum Financial Group17
Martin GirouardBarnum Financial Group17
Ricardo DiazAtlanta-Alabama-McQuaid16
Derek DunnBarnum Financial Group16
John BillingtonBarnum Financial Group16
Shane MulliganGreater Philadelphia16
Centario GrierCarolinas16
Karen PoorePA-NJ-Creative Financial16
Vincent CucuzzaBarnum Financial Group16
Adam SeltzerBarnum Financial Group15
Michael RochfordTri State New Jersey15
Eric NashSouth Carolina15
Lauren FeigelmanBarnum Financial Group15
Barry FinnTri State New Jersey15
Jeffrey BlancoBarnum Financial Group15
Michael BogardusBarnum Financial Group15
Jeffrey RiceBarnum Financial Group15
Elliot BarryGreater Philadelphia15
Harsimranp KaurNorthern California14
Jake MccarthyBarnum Financial Group14
Phong NguyenNorthern California14
Christophe LeeCoastal Wealth14
Darrien SlaughterBaystate Financial14
Tiffany ThomasEastern Pennsylvania13
Timothy NoiceCharter Oak Financial13
John TierneyCharter Oak Financial13
Ryan WrightBarnum Financial Group13
Jonathan GatesIntermountain West-Murray13
Franco PiscitelliBarnum Financial Group13
Joseph BogardusBarnum Financial Group13
Huong LeArizona12
Jia WuBarnum Financial Group12
Michael RathsCapital Strategies12
Philip DupontOregon12
Colby KyleBarnum Financial Group12
Ashley ThomleyAtlanta-Alabama-McQuaid12
Jack PattenBarnum Financial Group12
Chase SkistimasCalifornia-Nevada12
Matthew CorriganBarnum Financial Group12
Mathew DegroffBarnum Financial Group12
Kevin CernutoBarnum Financial Group12
Cindy ShiCharter Oak Financial12
Richard LenhardtAtlanta-Alabama-McQuaid12