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More Applications are Now Eligible for Fluidless Offers

The Special Path fluidless program has been expanded on Coverpath to:

  • Ages 17-50 (previously ages 18-45)
  • Up to a maximum coverage amount of $250,000
  • All products available on Coverpath*
  • All risk classes

Fluidless offers of Ultra Preferred Non-Tobacco and Select Preferred Tobacco are available for face amounts of $250,001 to $1 million for ages 17-50, or up to $1 million for ages 51-59.  Fluidless offers are not transferable because eligibility criteria differ for coverage over $250,000. If coverage over $250,000 is applied for, full underwriting with labs may be required and decisions may vary.

For maximum program benefit, do not order labs unless your underwriter advises. Labs may be needed due to case-specific details or the random holdout process, where a small, random sample of applications experience traditional underwriting.

For applicants receiving a fluidless offer at less than best class, submitting labs will not result in a more favorable offer.


*Not available in New York and Puerto Rico

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