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More Control with Follow Case Feature

Daniel Kahan

Product Owner: Case Management

Advisors rely on email notifications to stay informed about their case. To help ensure that the right people are receiving these emails, Coverpath recently launched a new ‘follow case’ feature. This simple functionality allows advisors to follow a case with the click of a button in their Account Center. They will also see a helpful icon in their Account Center that lets them know which cases they are following. 

Offering Advisors and Proxies More Control

Following a case is particularly important for agency staff and proxy users. As key members of the agency team, proxies must be in the loop in order to support their advisors’ business. In the past, agency staff were left guessing whether they would receive updates on the case; while staff users automatically follow cases in certain circumstances (i.e. when starting a quote or app), this has not been an intuitive experience.

With ‘follow case’ staff and proxies can easily choose to receive email updates for any case in their Account Center. They will no longer have to wait to receive a case email to be confident that they’re seeing these important updates (or worse, realizing too late that they’ve missed one). Since all agencies have different ways of working, the first version of the follow case feature was built to support as many uses as possible – some new business coordinators are assigned cases “off the type of a queue”, meaning that cases are assigned as they come in to whichever NBC is available. In other agencies, NBCs are dedicated to supporting a consistent set of advisors. This new feature allows staff to follow cases so that either way can be supported.

The follow case feature also supports bulk action for users who need to manage many cases at once. By using the new bulk action menu on the top of their Client Case Center, users can follow or unfollow all of the cases displayed in their Account Center. This can be used, for instance, with the new Account Center filters feature, so staff can filter by advisor and bulk follow all of their existing cases; this is particularly useful for agencies where staff are dedicated to specific advisors. Users can also filter by cases they are following with a simple checkbox.

Coming Soon: Post-Issue Emails

Coverpath will soon begin to include advisors on post-issue event emails, such as owner changes, pending cancellation, policy changes. With ‘follow case’, any user can choose whether to receive these issued policy emails. And, for large agencies with dedicated in-force servicing teams, these developments will enable new and more efficient ways of doing business on Coverpath. The new follow case feature brings Coverpath one step closer to giving users full control of how and when they receive updates on their cases, enabling more effective collaboration for the whole agency team. 

Daniel Kahan

Product Owner: Case Management

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