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Coverpath Society 1851

Society 1851

Coverpath is MassMutual’s online life insurance platform that provides you and your clients with an end-to-end digital experience. As a Society 1851 member, you are now eligible to receive special services on Coverpath.


To receive these services, you must be a 2021 Society member with first-year commissions of 20% or more or splitting the case with another 2021 Society member in which your combined first-year commission is 20%.

Underwriting Benefits

1. Know your underwriter and communicate directly with them on your case.

Underwriting Team

Eight highly-experienced, former core Society underwriters are dedicated to Coverpath 1851 cases. View underwriter bios.

Underwriter Introduction
Email Notification: Starting January 26, for each case, the primary 1851 advisor, will receive an email from the underwriter. We will soon automate this so that the primary 1851 advisor and any follower, will receive an email from the Coverpath underwriter. For split cases, the soliciting financial professional and NBC/proxy will receive the email.

Account Center Notification: The underwriter will be identified in the account center along with labeling and badging indicating special handling for a Society member.

2. The FR2200 will be included in the clients DocuSign forms packet as an option for them to sign, enabling your underwriter to share your client’s medical detail with you.
3. Top of the queue responsiveness with dedicated support throughout the case.
4. If needed, the underwriter will order an APS at the case start for faster processing. Automated APS status updates from the vendor will be added in the near future for early APS orders. In the meantime, underwriters will send manual updates to the case center when they order an early APS.

Support Benefits

As a Society 1851 member, you receive access to a dedicated team of Society 1851 Specialists who are focused on providing a best-in-class concierge experience for all your new business, issued policies, and migrated policy inquires on our MassMutual digital platform.

Get to know your Digital Customer Care Concierge 1851 Team

Your dedicated Society 1851 Care team was created to focus on enhancing the Society 1851 Financial Professional service experience, providing an effortless single point of contact for policies on our digital platform, and driving requests that will help continue to propel MassMutual’s growth

Meet the Digital Customer Care Concierge 1851 Team

Get your questions answered quickly and expertly by a Society 1851 Specialist who has exceeded department performance metrics and completed higher-level training for fast-track processing through phone and email.

How to contact your Digital Customer Care Concierge 1851 Team

Phone : Dedicated Society of 1851 members-only hotline: 855-905-4535

Email :  society1851support@coverpath

Standard Hours of Operation:  8am – 6pm EST Monday – Friday

Monday prior to Commission Close Hours of Operations: 8am – 8pm EST* Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month*

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