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SPEED: How Lite Touch Improved Coverpath Fluidless Rates

Gabe Diaz

Product Manager, Life Insurance Applications

In today’s tumultuous times, scheduling labs can be a major barrier to a life insurance sale. At Coverpath, we’re constantly working to remove barriers to reduce friction in the sales process. Coverpath is the only platform where financial professionals can provide MassMutual offers fluidlessly for adults. MassMutual made program changes which reduced fluidless decision rates for adults in 2019. However, thanks to Lite Touch, Coverpath has been able to increase our fluidless decision rates in 2020.

What is Lite Touch, anyway?

No algorithm is perfect. Sometimes the fluidless algorithm will not be able to process a case. Qualifying cases, that are removed from fluidless eligibility by the algorithm can still get a fluidless decision. ‘How?’ you might ask. Enter the Underwriter! Lite Touch gives our Underwriting team the ability to correct the fluidless algorithm based on our underwriting guidelines. Our Underwriting team is delighted that they have the power to help financial professionals and their clients get decisions faster and more easily.

Coverpath’s Fluidless program means decisions go out fast 

In the second quarter of 2020, Coverpath issued policies with an overall average turn around time of 28 days (other notable platforms used by financial professionals take as many as 33 days). Keep in mind, this average includes the slowest and most complex policies that include APS’s, etc. We continue to find new ways to get policies issued faster every day.

I want my client to get Lite Touch! What should I do? 

As a financial professional, you don’t have to do anything! Lite Touch helps increase fluidless rates for all clients. Those who get a Lite Touch decision will find out automatically if they qualify. You can tell that your client received a Lite Touch decision when labs are not required but the decision isn’t instantly issued. Lite Touch decisions take about two days to issue, while algorithmic fluidless decisions are typically issued in under two minutes.

What’s coming next on Coverpath Fluidless? 

We’re constantly iterating, gathering information, changing approaches, and tweaking to get to the best underwriting program possible. Going forward, our priorities are centered around increasing our fluidless pass rate to get more decisions to your clients faster, either via algorithm or Lite Touch underwriting.



Gabe Diaz

Product Manager, Life Insurance Applications

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