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The Path to Post-Issue

As we round out 2020, Coverpath Customer Care & Advisor Servicing continues to be focused on providing the best experience for you and your clients. Our vision began with the application process, continues through Post Issue and ends when we deliver on the ultimate promise to our policyholders.

While we continue to refine the application and New Business processes, I am happy to announce that we have assembled a dedicated team of service-centric Customer Case Advocates who are looking forward to providing the superior Post Issue support that is expected. Effective December 30, 2020, you can connect with us through the same channels you are familiar with which include phone, email and chat.  

Post Issue servicing will initially include but is not limited to:

  • Banking information updates/retry payments  
  • Address changes    
  • Draft date changes
  • Frequency changes
  • Payor changes      
  • Reissues
  • Beneficiary changes
  • Cancel policy/Surrender policy
  • Reinstatements
  • Reconsideration
  • Owner changes
  • Removing riders
  • Dividend option change
  • Loans
  • Dividend withdrawals
  • Adding/removing APL
  • Face decrease
  • Adding/Removing Collateral Assignments
  • Conversions

We look forward to your continued partnership as we make changes that provide a foundation for ongoing success.

  • Agent Post Issue Direct Line: 855-982-3234
  • Customer Care Advocate General Line: 866-957-5347, option 2 for Post Issue Support
  • Post Issue Support Email:
  • Post Issue Support Chat: Choose a department and select Post Issue Changes

Lucas Dempsey and Kelsey Martin
Customer Care Post Issue

Lucas “Luke” Dempsey (Customer Care Post Issue Director) began his career with MassMutual in 2006 as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) in the Life Customer Service Center (LSC). Since then, Luke has held various roles including Variable Life Team Specialist, Policyholder Services Consultant for Client Services, and Interim Director in the LSC.  In 2013, he and his family made the transition to support the Phoenix, AZ campus where he eventually accepted a Director role leading a team of CSRs in the LSC. In August, Luke joined the Enterprise Technology Experience Organization leading a team of Customer Care Advocates. He currently lives in Phoenix with his wife Caitlin, their son Colton, and their daughter Maisie. 


Kelsey Martin (Customer Care Post Issue Consultant)  Kelsey Martin began her career with MassMutual in 2018 as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) in the Life Customer Service Center (LSC). In September 2019, Kelsey joined the Enterprise Technology Experience Organization as a Digital Customer Care Advocate (CCA) – one of the first 10 CCAs supporting the Coverpath platform. Kelsey took on the role of Digital Customer Care Consultant in July 2020, with a focus on the Post Issue side of Coverpath. She currently lives in Chicopee with her fiancé, Jordan, and their chocolate lab/pitbull mix Ranger (who Kelsey calls her son).


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