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Tracking Your Coverpath Cases Just Got Easier

Case Tracker

One of the most requested feature enhancements we’ve received to date is the ability to easily track cases on Coverpath–fondly known as “the pizza tracker.” We’ve heard from many users that they weren’t sure where their cases stood and what the next steps were. The new case tracker, which was released on December 30, is available to all advisors and proxies for both new and historical cases. 

Know Exactly Where Your Case Stands

The new case tracker helps to minimize confusion for both new and seasoned Coverpath users by providing a clear view of case progress with seven easy-to-understand detailed stages. Each stage includes more context on what the next steps are to move the case forward. You’ll also see a help section entitled “what happens during each stage?” which houses explanations of the Coverpath process and conceptual illustrations. Having additional details on case progress allows advisors to set expectations with their clients and to be proactive in taking steps to move cases forward.

“Our team had a lot of fun building this new feature. We are excited to continue to make Coverpath more useful by putting the exact information that users need at their fingertips so that Coverpath can help them succeed.” 
-Daniel Kahan, Product Owner: Case Management

What Are The Case Stages?

The statuses currently displayed in the case tracker include:

  1. Application
  2. Initial Decision
  3. Signature
  4. Exam
  5. Underwriting
  6. Offer
  7. Issuance

Certain stages may show as “skipped” if your case receives Lite Touch, algorithmic underwriting, or express path underwriting. 

Give Us Your Feedback!

The new case tracker is just one of the many platform enhancements we have made based on feedback from advisors like you. To provide feedback or request new features, go to the “What’s Ahad section on 


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