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TRANSPARENCY: Know Exactly Where A Case Stands

Nicole Sampson

Coverpath Marketing

As Coverpath continues to evolve, it’s important to provide advisors, agency staff, and firm leadership with the tools they need to give clients a seamless and convenient way to get covered. Recent enhancements to our proxy access feature and improvements to the client case center have given Coverpath users a new level of visibility into the platform, making it easier than ever to coach clients through the life-insurance purchasing journey.

Proxy access for Sales Managers and Brokerage Directors

Earlier this month, Coverpath released a new feature allowing Sales Managers and Brokerage Directors to act as proxies for their advisors and brokers in their firms. This access provides firm leadership a means to view all case activity for their advisors and brokers on Coverpath while still retaining the ability to submit their own personal business through the platform.

Case status filtering

In response to feedback from advisors and New Business coordinators, Coverpath rolled out a filtering feature in the Client Case Center. As advisors submit more business through Coverpath leading up to the July 10 transition, the filter will allow them and their proxies to more easily find the cases that need their attention and pinpoint where follow-ups are necessary. Filtering is available by case status (pre-submit, pending, approved, issued, canceled) and by producer (for proxy users who access Coverpath on behalf of multiple advisors). Coverpath users can also export all cases which they are filtering to create more helpful and specific reports in excel.

Exam Vendor Status Integration

The new Exam Status feature was rolled out in response to feedback from Coverpath users. The feature gives users real-time detailed status updates from the Exam vendor (APPS or ExamOne) on the progress of the exam.

More to come

To keep advisors and staff in know and better serve their clients, Coverpath is working on developing detailed underwriting statuses that advisors and staff will see in the Client Case Centers after applications are submitted. In addition to more granular updates throughout the manual underwriting process, Coverpath will also provide updates on follow-up questions from underwriters. Having this level of detail will give advisors the information they need to set their clients’ expectations and ensure the underwriting process flows as smoothly as possible.


Nicole Sampson

Coverpath Marketing

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