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Underwriters Can Now Remove Riders to Help You Smooth Out the Sales Process

When riders need to be removed, the underwriting process stops while Customer Support reaches out to your clients for signatures. But not anymore. Starting on March 10, the underwriting platform will be connected to Coverpath, now allowing underwriters to seamlessly remove riders, and as a result, reduce friction in the sales process.

How it Works

Underwriters will be able to remove GIR, RTR, ALIR, and Waiver of Premium from all applications without the need to contact the client. If a rider is removed by underwriting, advisors will be notified via email and through a pop-up notification when they open an offer. Amendment forms and revised basic illustrations will no longer be manually collected from clients. Instead, Coverpath will systematically create the necessary documents and collect the client signature once the offer is delivered.

The Benefit to Advisors and Clients

By allowing underwriters to easily remove riders from applications, will save time for you and your client. Instead of having to sign an amendment during the underwriting process, which increases the amount of time it takes for a client to receive an offer, the client signature is only required upon delivery of the final offer.

“Connecting our underwriter portal to Coverpath to give you and your clients more insight into decisions (as well as faster decisions) is so critical. We hope this paves the way for even more seamless updates to offers from underwriters, which means you and your client won’t be unnecessarily interrupted prior to approval.”
-Luke Burkey, Product Owner, Conversion

Give Us Your Feedback!

Reducing friction in the sales process by allowing underwriters to remove riders is just one of the many platform enhancements we have made based on feedback from advisors like you. To provide feedback or request new features, go to the “What’s Ahead” section on



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