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Your Feedback Creates Change on Coverpath

It is Coverpath’s aim to provide you and your clients a seamless life insurance experience. We use your feedback to release new features every two weeks and make change a reality.

Most Requested Features

In the first quarter of 2021, we received 65 feedback submissions from advisors and staff. All   requests and comments were reviewed, categorized, and prioritized with Coverpath’s product development teams. The majority were for features that the team is already actively researching and developing, while five requests were for new features that the team is now considering. 

We thought you might enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the most requested features:

Display comprehensive details in the client case center

  1. If Support is involved, provide more details about the work/research being done
  2. When a signature is required to clear up an ID failure, clarify whether it is the advisor’s or client’s
  3. Show approval offer date to help NBCs better understand deadlines for all cases
  4. Clarify whose last 4 digits of social security number are required (the insured, owner, or juvenile signer)
  5. Display annualized premium to make it easy to project monthly FYC goals  
  6. Change status “Issuance” to “In force”

Give advisors more control

  1. Provide the option to lock an application (face, term, owner, riders) once it is sent to client
  2. Improve handling and communication of declined cases so advisors can investigate alternatives before the application is cancelled

Streamline support

  1. The process to identify advisors and support staff is currently time consuming
  2. Create dedicated support sub-teams per agency so advisors and staff can work with the same support rep for consistency.

Your Input Drives Action

Your feedback is critical in shaping Coverpath. This past quarter, we received numerous requests to create the ability for advisors to lock applications before sending them to clients and because of your feedback, we accelerated the rollout of this feature. 

Here are a few examples of enhancements that are live or in development based on your input:

  1. Embed eSignature process in the Coverpath user experience—Delivered February 10
  2. Provide tools that allow advisors to illustrate different product parameters (concept illustrations)––Delivered on March 9
  3. In-app paramedical exam scheduling—Delivered on March 23
  4. Provide option to lock the application—Will be delivered mid-2021
  5. Add case identifier (i.e. policy number/client name) across all system emails––Will be delivered by early 2022.

Your Suggestions Make Coverpath Even Better

Some requests were for new ideas that Coverpath did not previously consider. For example, we received feedback regarding the clarity of status changes in the client case center. The requester suggested that we change the status “Issuance” to “In force.” The team is planning to make this improvement by mid-year. 

Give Us Your Feedback!

Have an idea to improve a feature on Coverpath? We want to hear from you! To provide feedback or request new features, go to the “What’s Ahead” section on and click the “Send General Feedback” button.


Insurance products on the Coverpath platform are issued by Massachusetts Mutual life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111-0001.  Not all products are available in all states.  State variations may apply. 

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