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Your Feedback Drives Action at Coverpath

Coverpath is an agile platform, updated every two weeks based on users’ real-time feedback. The Coverpath team is dedicated to keeping you in the know about what’s new and in development.


Since the launch of we’ve had over 150 submissions from advisors and staff regarding the product roadmap. Those requests are reviewed, categorized and shared with the product development teams. We thought you might enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how your feedback has helped drive action. The top three feedback categories are:

1. Improved visibility into case status

  • More granular Underwriting details
  • Overall case progress tracker on what is outstanding
  • ‘Push’ email notifications for relevant case changes

2. Greater advisor control

  • Clone an app plus edit the app after sending it to the client
  • Allow advisor to control paramedical process when desired
  • Edit payment draft date

3. Improved client experience

  • Embed eSignature (DocuSign) in the process
  • Improve highlighting when required fields are missed
  • Extend some of the ‘timeout clocks’ to allow more time

Your input drives action

Your feedback is critical to prioritization and in many instances, it reinforces requests that are already planned or in development. 85% of your requests have fallen into the planned category, including:

  • Clone an app – Delivered June 30
  • Add address auto-complete for spouse/children beneficiaries – Delivered August 25
  • Edit the app and quote/illustration after sending it to the client – Delivered October 8
  • Save age functionality – Your feedback informed our decision to advance the timeline, providing you more flexibility to adapt to your client’s needs – Delivered October 22

Your suggestions create new ideas

Sometimes you set us in a direction we hadn’t even thought of. An example of this is you told us you want the ability to sort, filter and export your information within the Advisor Cases Center. Specifically,

  • Submit date
  • Client name (Owner/Insured)
  • Annual premium due in 30 days
  • Most likely to issue
  • Replacement
  • Accelerated UW (fluidless)
  • Likely to auto-cancel (run out of time)
  • Prepaid [accepted/paid for TLIC]
  • Re-issue
  • Prioritize which cases need attention

We’re working with the Product team to build additional filtering capabilities over the next three months that will allow you to better organize case information.

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